Article title: The company Tarprec transforms waste into sustainable raw materials.
Source: TV SYD (

Sammendrag: The company Tarprec, founded by Luan Kadishani and Bragi Hallsson, collects and recycles various materials such as truck tarpaulins and worn-out bags, transforming them into new raw materials for the fashion industry. Tarprec breaks down products that have reached the end of their lifespan and creates new materials for the production of new products. The company collaborates with both large and small businesses, including Stark and the delivery company WOLT, to collect and recycle wood and bags.

Tarprec also collaborates with Møgelkær Prison, where inmates assist in sorting the components of the bags. This collaboration contributes to providing the inmates with work experience and structure in their daily lives. The company aims to promote the use of more easily recyclable materials and has a vision of becoming a leading company in recycling and process development in Europe.

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