Give your materials another chance

Our mission is to create unique products from recycled materials with a touch of Scandinavian design. The aim is to use as much recycled materials from the company in the manufacturing process as possible, thereby reducing our impact on the environment.

tailored to your business


We expand people’s potential – reflecting the energy and movement of modern life – to create high-performance equipment that defies both weather and time.

Forward thinking

The goal is to use as much recycled material in the manufacturing process as possible – thereby reducing our impact on the environment now – while developing our return program to collect out-of-service creations and reuse them.


We carefully try to create what the world really needs, making conscious design decisions with an emphasis on usability, sustainability and purpose. We take our responsibility as an opportunity to make a positive impact on the world with our creations.

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We make it easy


We take on tasks of all sizes, where no task is too big


Our aim is to eliminate consumer habits by exclusively utilizing recyclable materials


In collaboration with you, we create design with a view to individualism and sustainability


professional team

Our team consists of engineers and technical designers


In collaboration with our supplier, we find exactly the labels and packaging you want



We take care of the logistical work associated with the project

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