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Here at TARPREC, we see the great potential in recycling for both residual materials and end-of-life products. Therefore, we offer a number of solutions in the area that can help your business and at the same time give you a greener profile.

At TARPREC, we specialize in creating processes for companies that experience challenges with recycling their materials and end-of-life products. It could be products such as bicycle helmets and bags or materials such as wooden pallets and tarpaulins or something else entirely; Regardless, we are ready to find a recycling process.

Recycling end-of-life products and residual materials is often a complicated process for companies. There are, of course, recycling companies that specialize in helping companies dispose of and resell the more readily available materials. However, the process can quickly become complicated when it deals with more complex products, such as bike bags or jackets. This often leads to the recycling potential being lost and the products simply being deposited. At TARPREC, we believe this can be done better. Therefore, our thinking is based on the raw materials that preceded the product. We do this by developing processes that extract precisely these. These processes make it both easier and more valuable to process the recycled materials.

Recycling not only helps to reduce our dependence on non-sustainable resources. It also helps to save energy, as it is far more energy efficient to make products from recycled materials rather than raw materials.

Here at TARPREC, we see ourselves as a recycling company with a twist. We would like to handle the more complicated products that other recycling companies opt out of. That is why we like to immerse ourselves in the preparation of the processes, so that we create the best possible productivity. Subsequently, we would like to have “hands-on” in the processes, so that we create full transparency by documenting these. This is not only important for our customers, but also for the next generation of customers who demand products from companies with a focus on the circular sustainability that is recycling.


At TARPREC, we want to provide waste management services that protect our environment and promote recycling now and in the future. We would like to help ensure a safe and healthy society for current and future generations. We consider this vision to be shared. We do this because recycling requires the participation and cooperation of all participating companies in the value chain and of course the consumers.


Our mission at TARPREC is to reduce the amount of materials that go to waste. We will do this by generally promoting the responsibility of consumers and companies with our services. We will also recycle the companies’ waste to its best potential, while balancing prices and services in a sustainable way.

We would like to transform the way of thinking of companies, where waste is buried today to a future where waste is seen as a resource. So you can eliminate the need for landfills in the future.


Back in 2017, the current owner Luan and Harun had an idea to develop a company that sold raw material from already existing materials. It started with Luan and Harun becoming aware of the capabilities of truck tarpaulins and not least the impact soft PVC can have on the environment when it is burned. Since the demand for the material from abroad was great, we decided to look for collaboration partners in Denmark. In the initial phase, we had neither experience nor capital for the really big initiatives – therefore we traveled the country thinly in our shared car, looking for business partners and truck tarpaulins. We even managed to squeeze 6 tarpaulins into our little Citroen C1 – we still don’t understand how we managed it.

Over time, TARPREC developed into more than just a truck tarpaulin supplier as the collaboration between TARPREC and the companies became more complex and more processes were needed to export the finished raw material. Along with this, our current customers and new customers requested materials we were not familiar with at the time. Over the years, a great deal of know-how was built up in various materials and processes.

The biggest need we saw was the companies’ need for recycled products that had lost their original purpose or had to be landfilled. This is where TARPREC has found its course and there was a tailwind shortly after TARPREC offered their service, the first companies needed the help. We see TARPREC as a perpetual project that will help change the world’s view of the circular economy and its circular materials.

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