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We re- and upcycle soft PVC!

TARPREC collects, re- and upcycles soft PVC materials. We primarily collect old trailer-curtains, but also similar materials. Subsequently it is exported to our partners, where it is manufactured into various products, such as bags, wallets, computer sleeves and much more.

We make a difference!

There are many reasons behind why we do what we do. To make a long story short, the recycling stations in Denmark are having difficulties disposing of soft PVC, and PVC contains substances that are dangerous when exposed to heat. While disposing there can certain challenges occus i relation to groundwater and the nature. We prevent those scenarios by recycling as much as possible.

We make it easy for your business!

Sorting and removing PVC in an ethical and justifiable way can be a costly affair. It doesn't have to be that way. At TARPREC we take care of all the administrative, logistics and production work. The only requirement we make for your business is that the material be made available to us so that we can recycle as much as possible.


At TARPREC, we do our best every day to contribute to a more sustainable world. Want to help us make a difference? It's easier than you think. Just let us pick up your old tarpaulins and similar material. This way you can save money while helping to achieve some of the UN's 17 world goals.

We want to ensure responsible consumption and production

We want to ensure responsible consumption and production. We must reduce CO2 emissions in the nature as soon as possible. We can do that by changing the way we produce and consume our goods and resources. Therefore, one of TARPREC's goals is to use only material that has already been used before. We recycle at least 90% of the PVC material we collect. At the same time, we want to influence the way we use our shared resources and how we dispose of toxic waste and pollutants. We therefore encourage businesses and consumers to recycle and reduce their waste. Just as we encourage our partners and other companies to work more sustainably.

We contribute to climate action

Greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise and today it is over 50% higher than the level in 1990. Global warming is causing changes in our climate, which threatens irreversible consequences if we do not act now. At TARPREC, among other things, we are aware of the production of PVC material that contributes to the climate problems. Our goal is to reduce the incineration and disposal of soft PVC by re- and upcycle for new and different products. In this way, we can help to minimize the amount of soft PVC in the Danish landfills and at the same time reduce CO2 emissions, since it does not end up at the incineration plant.


At TARPREC we believe in upcycling 

Using upcycling extends the life of a material. You create a whole new product of something that is usually considered useless. The soft PVC material we get from our partners gives us unlimited possibilities to upcycle - therefore only the imagination sets the boundaries.

How does it take place? 

We collect soft PVC material and make it ready for upcycling. When we process a used truck tarpaulin, we first remove all cords, metal hinges, metal wheels and stickers, and sort it so that these can also be recycled. We clean the tarpaulins for the dirt that has settled through its lifetime. In the end, we cut it out to our customers' wishes. This means that the PVC is transformed into a new form, after which the same material can be recycled again, thus forming a technical circuit. At TARPREC, we believe in sustainability, so we work every day to ensure that soft PVC is recycled as much as possible. In this way, we can minimize the negative effects on our environment and the outside world, while at the same time saving resources.