Sækko Presenning ApS is a company with many years of experience in the production and manufacture of all possible solutions with tarpaulin as raw material.

Tarpaulin is used for, among other things, manufacturing, party tents, storage tents, camping tents, jump pillows, air tracks, truck covers, top rollers for containers and many other special solutions with tarpaulin as the main product.
We work with Sækko Design when it comes to advertising on either the truck pages or the logo on the special products.

Sækko Presenning, started back in 1971 by manufacturing and producing tarpaulins for the transport industry. They later developed party tents built of an aluminium construction with tarpaulin at the core so that it can be drawn into a groove on the aluminium profile.

Sækko Presenning always focuses on:

  • High quality
  • High professionalism
  • Constant in development for new products
  • Individual solutions
  • Professional advice in all situations

We sell to private individuals, associations and companies. Many of our customers make a cooperation agreement with us, so we together create the best possible basis for a good cooperation.

If you have a job, we are of course ready to help. No task is neither too small nor too large.