PNO is the leading trailer rental company in the Nordic region with a fleet of more than 10,000 trailers. Our head office is located in Copenhagen, and we have local branches in Horsens, Helsinki, Oslo, Helsingborg in Sweden and Venlo in the Netherlands.

They are a family owned business that run based on responsibility and common sense. It has been this way since 1975 when Per Nelson Ørnstrand (PNO) founded the company. The next generation has taken over and today Jacob Lee Ørnstrand runs the company. Like his father, Jacob believe in long-term customer relationships based on trust. He is focused on taking responsibility as a company - not only in relation to customers, but also towards the environment and the company's employees. That's why PNO has launched new digital learning initiatives so that the company can work smarter for everyone.

Pragmatism as an approach permeates our organization. We consider it a virtue to make it simple, flexible and understandable to be a customer of PNO. That is why we operate under the mantra “one contact, one contract”.

Digitization is something we look at positively. We are enthusiastic about digital opportunities and to improve future growth for our customers, we invest in new digital solutions. Digitization offers new opportunities that enable us to work smarter and more responsibly.  

Relationships means we never cut off a customer when a crisis strikes. On the other hand, we feel that we have a responsibility to stand by our customer during crises, which we have done many times without blinking. For us, it makes sense that flexibility and understanding is needed in these situations.

Accountability drives us every day to find the kind of solution that can support and develop our customers' businesses in a smarter and more responsible direction.

That's why, as the only people in our industry, we have integrated digital learning into our everyday lives. It gives our employees an overview and the extra energy to navigate, and advises on new products and services that are continuously developing and affecting our community.