As we have achieved significant exposure and growth in Scandinavia and the rest of Europe, the number of partnerships has also grown. In the near future, TARPREC will introduce a number of new partnerships as part of our new strategy. These new partners will help consolidate our placement on the recycling and upcycling scene. With the help of our various partners, we have built almost 5 years of experience in this field and hope to further expand in order to serve the Scandinavian and European logistics and transport companies. We aim to do this as an alternative to incineration and landfill waste, in a cost-effective way.

We all have a responsibility!

It is important to us that our collaborative partners share the same values and vision of a sustainable business approach. Moreover, we believe that every human being has a responsibility to themselves and their peers to aid in the reduction of pollution. Our goal is to be recognised in Scandinavia and throughout Europe for both our beneficial solutions and innovative initiatives. You can do a little alone, but together we can make a difference.

Are you our new partner

We believe in circular economy, which is the main business model that drives TARPREC. We are proud to introduce a different initiative that has not been seen in Scandinavia. That is why we strive to put our company and Denmark on the map. In addition to circular economy, we see the 3P’s (People, Product, Planet) as part of our TARPREC guidelines. We work every day to realise our goal of promoting sustainability by means of strategic cooperation. Therefore, companies can achieve a greener profile and further contribute to achieving some the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Trailer Services provides leasing, rental, service and maintenance of trailers, as well as other value-adding solutions for transport and logistics customers throughout Europe. They operate in 16 European countries across 70 locations. “Combine our products and services and create your own trailer-made solution. “

O.B.Wiik AS blev etableret i 1912 og er en førende leverandør af plasthaller, idrætshaller og arbejdstelt samt presenninger og eventprodukter som telte, borde og stole. De fleste produkter kan både lejes og købes. Selskabet er i stærk vækst og markedsfører sine produkter internationalt. Virksomheden eksporterer til mere end 100 lande.

Sækko Presenning, started back in 1971 by manufacturing and producing tarpaulins for the transport industry. They later developed party tents built of an aluminium construction with tarpaulin at the core so that it can be drawn into a groove on the aluminium profile.

They are a family owned business that run based on responsibility and common sense. It has been this way since 1975 when Per Nelson Ørnstrand (PNO) founded the company. The next generation has taken over and today Jacob Lee Ørnstrand runs the company. Like his father, Jacob believe in long-term customer relationships based on trust.

H. Daugaard tilbyder en unik kombination af vejtransport, banetransport, søtransport samt lagerhoteller både nationalt og internationalt. Vi tilbyder kundetilpassede logistikløsninger, hvor høj leveringssikkerhed samt effektivitet er et must.

Vi har et stort fokus på, at H. Daugaard skal være grønnere. Derfor var vi ikke tvivl om, at vores presenninger fra vores lastbiler selvfølgelig ikke bare skal smides ud, når vi skal have nye. De skal genbruges og behandles bæredygtigt. På den måde følger vi nemlig den grønne retning, hvor vi allerede har mindsket vores CO2 udslip med 22% om året, da vi har uddannet vores chauffører i miljøvenlig kørselsadfærd.

Globex blev startet i 1994 og har således opbygget over 20 års erfaring inden for autobranchen. Vi brænder for vores fag, og går op i, altid at levere et godt stykke arbejde, uanset om opgaven er stor eller lille. Som kunde hos os, kan du forvente et veludført stykke arbejde af høj kvalitet, god kundeservice og konkurrencedygtige priser.

Industripartner Skandinavia AS is a service partner in the logistics service industry with clear ambitions to realise net synergies for their clients, while simultaneously creating the best possible workplace for its employees.

Greenway Logistics was originally founded in 2008 by MODINT, an organisation for fashion, interior, textile and carpet stores in the Netherlands. They partnered with Greenway Logistics with the purpose to organise and offer logistics concepts in sustainability and innovation.