TARPREC is located in Ølholm, close to Vejle, but our work is carried out internationally. Our mission is to operate a environmentally friendly business, where we re- and upcycling of soft PVC materials is at the core of the business. We strive to introduce our recycled material to the public, therefore we also have an obligation to support entrepreneurs and students who want to work with the material.

We provide an alternative to incineration and landfill waste!

When PVC is incinerated, hazardous toxins are expelled in the smoke, fortunately, Denmark have highly developed systems in the incineration plants that purge the smoke of most harmful toxins which helps prevent hazardous emissions. However, this costs the country valuable resources, and leaves a high dependence on landfills. Due to this, we at TARPREC have devised an alternative; reusing recycled soft PVC to create new upcycled products. Nevertheless, the Danish EPA estimates that soft PVC’s are still ending up in landfills. This is where we at TARPREC want and can make a difference. We collect used PVC material that has served its original purpose and is either useless for said original purpose, stopping them from ending up in incineration plants and landfills.