About us


We are two friends, and together we make up the team behind TARPREC. TARPREC is an abbreviation of the words ‘tarpaulin recycling’, and forms the core area of the company. In the summer of 2017, Luan and Harun got the idea to start a recycling company after a visit to Switzerland, where they discovered the potential of the material. We have known each other most of our lives and we have often discussed man-made environmental issues. This is our opportunity to help make a difference for the environment.

As the demand for the material from abroad was high, we decided to seek out partners in Denmark. In the start-up phase, we had neither the experience nor the capital for the major initiatives – that is why we drove the country thin in our common car and looked for partners and truck tarpaulins. Without warehouse or anything, we managed to collect hundreds of truck tarpaulins that we could send out to our foreign partners. We even managed to squeeze 6 tarpaulins in a small Citroen C1 – we still do not understand how we succeeded.

In the start-up phase, we collected tarpaulins in Denmark. But already now we have expanded our search for soft PVC material to other Scandinavian countries and the rest of Europe. As the business grew, we had the opportunity to open a warehouse of 800 m2, where the soft PVC could be collected and recycled, so it is ready to be sent out.

Visionen indebærer, at vi på et tidspunkt kommer til at producere egne produkter. Derfor arbejder vi også på at skabe vores eget varemærke. Kombinere man genbrugt blød PVC og tekstil, får man uanede produktmuligheder.

That is why we are incredibly happy that we are making a difference alongside out partners. We also want to see more transport and logistics companies joining the journey. We do not see TARPREC as just a business, but rather a life project that will ultimately benefit all of us as humans.

A faithful friend is worth gold